Monday, August 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Project 3 - Art Gallery in Newtown

King Street is a popular street in the suburb of Newtown that showcases many Victorian and Edwardian era shops and other buildings within the street. It also has various cafes and restuarants that relay the type of lifestyle of the street.

Art is also a main aspect of the King Street vibe and culture. There are a few art galleries along the street and also in near proximity to the site chosen. Art is also showcased on walls and buildings and one iconic piece is the Martin Luther King mural.

The concept of my art gallery was to enable the gallery space to act as a form of laneway or thoroughfare for the public. As the site was quite lengthy and a reasonable width it allowed for this notion to come into play. The rooms and spaces required from the brief are catered to in the gallery but the way they have been positioned and shaped is to adhere to the streetscape motif. The rooms appear to be blocks or walls separating different spaces but they also act as the canvas for the artwork to be placed by the artists. The artists chosen also correspond to the vibe of the gallery.

The graffiti type artwork would be on the wall surfaces as well as ground surfaces so as you walk through the gallery you could interact with the artwork and you feel the artwork being in it's own natural environment and you are placed in it instead of artwork being placed in your environment. The positioning of the rooms and walls are done in such a way to not create a direct path for the public to travel through by but instead manouvere around the different sides and gaps provided by the rooms and walls.

The light artwork structures would showcase in the open glass courtyard towards the back and while during the day they would just be structural pieces of art, during the night they would illuminate and show they light and art qualities.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Final Model and Drawings





Floor Plan

Peter Zumthor - Baths

For ideas and inspiration I looked upon the work of Peter Zumthor with his creation of the Baths in Switzerland.

Through the use of material, lighting and water he has created spaces that take the occupant away from reality and allow for a space of relaxation and escape. These themes are what I envisaged to create within my space as it fitted perfectly with the narrative I had written.

Not only does Zumthor create the emotions from the space, he lets the materials speak for themselves and allows them to define the atmosphere and vibe of each singular room.

Progress Model 1